Expert Removals in Nottinghamshire 

Take the stress out of moving by calling an expert. More than just another man with a van, John Mills Removals are a reputable, reliable local company. 

Highly experienced removals service with an excellent reputation 

Moving house is stressful enough, waiting on the phone calls, sorting out the utilities, final negotiations... When it comes to moving house, one less thing to worry about is John Mills Removals. With years of experience in providing an efficient and reliable removals service to a wide range of clients, we have an inbox full of satisfied customers, Read our testimonials page to see just some of our customer's comments. 
John Mills Removals can transport, deliver and unload your most treasured possessions and delicate furniture quickly and safely to your chosen destination. This means that you can have the freedom to start thinking about carpets, curtains and that hot tub... 

Serving domestic and commercial clients 

Whether you're a tenant moving rental properties or an independent business looking to relocate, John Mills Removals is the company you can rely on. A traditional company with family values, our services are available to customers throughout the UK as we travel locally and nationally according to customer requirements. Moving house can be expensive, if you're wanting to find the middle ground between an old-fashioned wrap-every-plate firm but don't feel confident hiring your own vehicle and moving the furniture yourself, John Mills Removals is an extremely capable and established firm, and we are more than able to accommodate your requirements with a friendly smile and a surprisngly low bill. 

Fully insured for your complete peace of mind 

There's nothing worse than having your precious Royal Doulton crack or finding a tear in your new sofa. At John Mills Removals,we are fully insured and underwritten and so by entrusting your home and its belongings to us, you are placing them in safe hands. 
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